3Bar Biologics greatly improves the health and yield of agricultural crops with simple-to-use, on-site fermentation technology, called LiveMicrobe™, that delivers to farmers at the time of application the most highly viable and abundant beneficial microbes.


3Bar Biologics, formed in 2014 as a spin out of The Ohio State University, is dedicated to improving farm yield, profitability, and sustainability using beneficial microbial products.  We seek to realize the potential of biological products to provide growers with new modes of action to fight resistance, increase nutrient uptake to reduce fertilizer run-off, and supply natural solutions for insect, disease and weed control. Our vision is to become the premier industry partner for creating the breakthrough biologic products.


3Bar‘s point of differentiation is its proprietary two-chamber LiveMicrobe™ package and delivery system that activates the “sleeping microbes” with a push of a button in a sealed and closed container. LiveMicrobe™ on-site fermentation guarantees the grower the most abundant and freshest microbes compared with shelf-life limited formulations, ultimately ensuring the biologic can do its job.


Learn how our LiveMicrobe™ technology can help improve your biologic products


 Bio-YIELD® is a beneficial microbe delivery system using microbes isolated from local (Ohio) fields to enrich the plant rhizosphere, ultimately producing faster emergence, healthier plants and higher yields. The farmer simply activates the product on the farm by pressing the cap which drops the microbes into the growth solution. The beneficial microbes rapidly multiply reaching billions within 24 hours and are ready to apply to seed or in-furrow within 14 days of planting.


Our team and our technology are making news. From announcing new collaborations to sharing new applications, 3Bar is excited to spread the word about how our ground-breaking LiveMicrobeTM technology is improving the way we sustainably farm.

3Bar Biologics Wins the Inaugural Plant Nutrition Startup Showcase $20,000 Grand Prize

June 14th, 2019|

Montreal, June 13, 2019 - After an extensive global search, over 50 applications from all over the world, three days of presentations and a two-hour pitch session by eight selected startups, the International Fertilizer Industry (IFA) and Larta Institute today crowned 3Bar Biologics as the winner of the first [...]

3Bar Biologics and Pivot Bio Team Up to Crack One of the Biggest Barriers to the Adoption of Biologicals

March 20th, 2019|

AgFUNDER News, LAUREN MANNING, MARCH 20, 2019 - A new class of crop inputs based on the soil microbiome have emerged in recent years. They have the potential to disrupt the agriculture industry by replacing traditional chemical inputs, which have created a number of serious environmental issues like [...]

3Bar Biologics and Pivot Bio Help Farmers Increase Crop Productivity and Decrease Need for Fertilizer

March 18th, 2019|

Unique Delivery System Ensures Quality Product— 3Bar Biologics, the cutting-edge biotech company and Pivot Bio, the leader in microbial solutions announce today they have entered into an agreement for 3Bar to provide a proprietary delivery system for Pivot Bio PROVEN™, Pivot Bio’s breakthrough product for biologic nitrogen fixation [...]

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